Monday, September 27, 2010

Blog Du Jour: Maple and Shade

Happy Monday!  You are guaranteed to start your day on the right foot with this week's Blog Du Jour.  I chose Hannah partially because Maple and Shade is one of the first blogs I began reading on a regular basis and also because I consistently fall in love with the beautiful images she chooses to share.  You can tell she writes from the heart which is quite endearing and really the type of blog I most lean toward.  As always, if you enjoy learning more about the bloggers you heart, please follow and leave a comment--it really makes my day and the other follows not feel so lonely.  You will definitely begin to envy Hannah's lifestyle and travels after reading so get ready to learn more about the girl behind Maple and Shade.

Who: Hannah Maple
What: Maple and Shade and The Maple Studio
Where: Charleston, SC

What made you start blogging?

Well, I love to write.  It was always my favorite part about school. And, after college, I really never had a reason to write anymore-- until the blogging world came about.  It's the perfect way for me to get my creative fix: I get to write about anything and everything, and create graphic designs, and document all of the things I'm perpetually inspired by.

How did you come across the name of your blog?

Hmm...well, on my honeymoon actually.  The Mr. and I were laying in a shady hammock talking about future business names, as I've always felt a strong pull toward doing my own venture.  Maple is such a fun last name to have, so we were playing around with it--Maple obviously lead to tree, and we were laying under a shady beach tree, so that all gave way to Maple and Shade.

If you could trade places with one person for a day, who would it be?  


Just one?!  My gosh, there'd be so many.  Someone with a fabulous life revolving around travel and art. The Sartorialist, possibly?  I'm enamored with his street fashion photos, and all the cultural meccas he's constantly jet-setting to.  Just imagine all the swoon-worthy, curbside cafes he's able to sit in...sipping amazing, locally roasted espresso in an eclectic, Euro environment.  And then he gets to gawk at beautiful, fashionably-dressed strangers and publish books about them.  Yes--I pick him.

What is the last thing you ate?

Ha, well...actually, I'm eating an apple with almond butter as I type. I'm kind of always eating something.  But that's by far my favorite snack.

What is something most people don't know about you?


My middle name is Scott. I know...not too exciting. I don't have a lot of secrets...

What is your favorite vacation spot?

I don't really have one particular spot.  The world is so vast with so much to see--I'd much rather choose a new locale every time we travel and experience a new land and way of life. 

What 5 people would be in your circle for spin the bottle?

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My husband, for sure. Okay yes, I know--but really, he's that handsome and wonderful. And then I'd have to say Jude Law, David Beckham, Joseph Gordon Levitt, and Jim from the office (so cute and funny). But I'd be hoping it would only land on the Mr.

What is your "must have today" (your current obsession)?

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Oh, where do I even begin: Alexander Wang's Rocco bag, and Dolce Vita's grey suede platform pumps. Oh, and this vintage, long sleeve scallop dress I'm watching on ebay. I'll be pretty sad if she's not mine.

What is the Tiny Bit of Sparkle in your life? (person, thing, anything)

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My home--which consists of this teenie, one-bedroom apartment in downtown Charleston. But it's so filled with light and happiness, and is so comforting to me. It's where I cook (which I love!) read, blog, spend time with God, photograph, and host wine nights with friends. Best of all--my husband and dog are there. It's pretty much perfect.


Balancing Lisa said...

Great interview! I'm going to go check out her blog now!

adrianhitt said...

I love Hannah! Such a delightful soul. Great interview!

sarah said...

Thanks! This was one of my favorite interviews.. I want that Alexander Wang purse now! :)