Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Antique China

I recently was given my Grandma's antique set of Syracuse Federal Shape china. To begin with, I am obsessed with the beauty of antique china but the sentimental value that comes along with it makes it that much more special. The delicate nature of antique china and the feminine patterns take you back into the olden days when dinner was taken seriously and made with some serious love. You can only imagine some of the conversations that china has heard.

The only caviat with this china is that the pieces left are a bit sporadic. I have like 10 dinner plates and 2 bowls. 16 teacups and 4 saucers. Where am I ever going to find the missing pieces? Thank goodness for the internet! (in North Carolina) has an extensive website with about every type of antique china your relatives could pass down to you. If you need it, they have it, or can find it for you. I am so excited to complete my antique china set and host a bridal shower or dinner party with it!

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