Friday, October 29, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Halloween is definitely one of my favorite holidays!  Partially because I credit this holiday with me and my now-husband finally getting together but also because of the theatricality and having a chance to dress up as someone else for the night.  My friends and I tend to get really into Halloween, i.e. the troll costumes below, yes this was actually a troll posse of four.  A few years the hubs and I have not had similarly themed costumes and those years are a little weird (not sure what I was thinking with the fire fighter) so this year we've decided to be within the same genre.  Always much more fun!  Stay tuned to see what we are this year!

{trolls; pocahontas + slash}
{yoko ono and john lennon; mario and a fire fighter???}
{barney and betty rubble; ?}

What will you be for Halloween this year???

p.s. thank you to all of my new followers and faithful followers for your comments!  you all are amazing!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Office Envy

Just a little office inspiration for you... office spaces always seem to brighten up my day!  Something about the organizational bins and boxes, inspiration boards, and layered frames makes me happy.  The only trouble I have though is deciding whether to go dark or go light... I only wish my office looked half as amazing as these.








What is your office style?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Splitting Up

Lately I've seen a few split art displays which I am completely obsessing over.  This would be perfect over our buffet that desperately needs a piece of art immediately.  I love their simplicity but added complexity as multiple pieces.  Visually they are absolutely stunning!





If anyone has any purchase information on the first equestrian print, please let me know!

I Want Big Buns...

and I cannot lie.  Sorry for the corny puns.  That song is special to me though because really and truly, the is the song my hubby and I first danced to at our wedding (maybe one day I will share the link to the video).  Yes, we are that couple.  Anyways, not to get off track, after watching 90210 on Monday, I've been obsessed with high buns and I'm thinking this would be just what my Halloween costume needs.  I have really heavy hair though so this might be a bit of a tough job.  Any suggestions or how-to's greatly appreciated!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Dying for these polka dot tights from J. Crew....

Seeing Turquoise

While looking for some inspiration this weekend, I stumbled upon these gorgeous turquoise earrings (which unfortunately are way above my earring budget) that made me start thinking about turquoise in general.  It's such a beautiful color that gives rooms, buildings, outfits, and really everything that unexpected but appreciated "pop."  Enjoy a few of my favorite pops or turquoise :)

{1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9}

Friday, October 22, 2010

Duffle Time

I've always had a bit of an obsession with luggage.  I mostly have a thing for duffles and carryalls though.  I could never have enough even though they're usually not big enough for a weekend trip and kind of annoying to carry when they're really heavy.  I guess this is yet another sacrifice we make for style.  While thumbing through the new J Crew catalog last night, another one hooked me and got me thinking more about the perfect weekend luggage.  Here's a few I'm currently coveting:






I actually got this really bright LeSportsac for Christmas last year and absolutely adore it!  I use it everytime we take a trip, no matter how inconvenient it is!

How do you like to roll while traveling?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Midwestern Monologues: Haruki Murakami

{Brian Kvidera}

I love books.  I'll never own a Kindle or a Nook or download books to my iPhone. There is something so classic and comfortable about the glue-bound, dog-eared pages of a book.


As if the story weren't enough, I love a book that has personalized character.  A book that says something about the person who read it before me. I love those underlined passages, a highlighted quote, a hand-written "!" or "??".  I write in all my books and I'll also write in books that people lend me (I know, I know. I shouldn't do this).  In most books I borrow from friends, I'll also leave a note in the cover for them.  No one has ever found these notes (or those underlined sentences), but I like knowing that maybe one day, just by chance, someone else will see me in that book.

Which brings me to my current read.  Last night, I started a new book that I had purchased used, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles by one of my favorite Japanese writers, Haruki Murakami.  In the cover, a note was scribbled from Christmas 2002: to Brian; Love, Matt & Mariam.  Eight years later, this book fell asleep with me.

Here is one of my favorite Murakami short stories.  Let's personalize this story, shall we?  A boy sent me the story, "On seeing the 100% perfect girl one beautiful April morning."  His note said, "This makes me think of you."  This boy was a gentleman I dated for three years.  We broke up over five years ago.  He sent me the story one year ago.

"A sad story, don't you think?"

Hi, I'm Cindy.  I live in Kansas City and date often (eh..)  regularly sometimes. I date. I dated a guy once that lived in the Northeast. He described Kansas City as utterly Midwestern. His description of the women here? Farm fresh and corn fed. I hate to admit it, but that sums me up in 4 words and an ampersand. Yes, yes, I am a personality girl whose verbosity and crazy antics sometimes gets the best of her. Yet, it always makes for a damn good time. (well…)  

love, love,

Puppy Love: Fleabag Beds

Do you have a puppy as spoiled as mine?  It's really insane how bad I've let it get.  He's really more like my child at this point and yes, I'm a bad parent.  I pretty much give him whatever he wants and right now, he wants to be on our bed.  Our queen bed that's barely big enough me for and the hubby so it's time to take action.  I think what Teddy actually wants is a beautiful bed from Fleabag Beds.  How could you not want one?  They're not only big and fluffy but made in gorgeous fabrics.  A few of Teddy's favorites:


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Must Have Today: Hey there Carson

It's been a while since I've posted a Must Have Today so I decided to bring it back.  This caught my eye in a major way today and I think I must have it... (in my dreams).  Leave it to Tory Burch to tempt my wallet.  Her Carson Satchel has caught my eye in both black and clay.


What's your Must Have Today?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yes, I'm Junkie... Product Junkie that is

I guess I would consider myself a bit of a product junkie.  I didn't always used to be like this though.  I started small with a mid-price shampoo and conditioner and then worked my way into face wash.  My first time was with Bliss... then I found Murad and then... CLARINS.  Eventually the blush got me.  I suddenly needed NARS and then my lips started calling out.  Chanel, Mac, and then Fresh lip tint seemed to be the only way to go.  Gone were the days of simple chapstick.  No more Cover Girl, Maybelline, or Revlon.  Sephora had gotten the best of me. 

I'm also one of those people that rarely gets my hair cut.  Probably once or twice a year at best but everytime I do go, I manage to get suckered into buying a... product... or two.  Last time it was Aveda but I have a new salon now and they are...wait for it... KERASTASE.  I mean, nothing is better than Kerastase.  Your hair feels like smooth like a baby's butt and is shiny like a new penny.  I really didn't want to do it but I did.  I managed to stay away from the shampoos and conditioners but walked out with

Kerastase Serum Nutri-Sculpt.  This stuff if incredible.  You just need a few drops and suddenly you have silky, soft luxurious hair, free of fly-aways.  I had an encounter with this stuff back in high school but I definitely couldn't afford it... not that I can now but I've learned how to better convince myself.

The last thing I bought is probably my favorite.  You see, I have thick, heavy, Asian hair that really does nothing.  It's easy but it has no volume and because my hair is so dark, any product leaves me looking like I have dandruff (yes, eww).  Alterna came to the rescue.  Not only does this product give me the life I've been looking for but it makes my hair feel and smell amazing.  Even my husband noticed!! 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Blog Du Jour: The Daybook

Happy Monday!  I know without a doubt you all will love this week's Blog Du Jour.  Sydney has style like nobody's business and quirky, hilarious stories to go with it.  And the photography... wow the photography is AMAZING!  If you're new here, hope you enjoy and please feel free to become a follower and leave a comment.  Your comments truly make my day!  Enjoy!

Who: Sydney Poulter
Where: Idaho

What made you start blogging?

My friends made me.  Well not really made me but strongly encouraged me.  :)  And so I started one.  And then I didn't post on it for like 8 months.  And then I did.  And then pretty much continued to post every day after that!  I owe them a big one!

How did you come across the name for your blog?

My thesaurus. I'm not that creative when it comes to titles... So I just looked up another name for journal.  And there it was!  THE DAYBOOK.  I knew it was right when I heard the chorus of angels singing in the background.

If you could trade places with one person for a day, who would it be?


Can I get a time machine for this? Um, I would pick Audrey Hepburn. #1 She's so beautiful on the inside and out. #2 Her eyebrows are seriously fantastic. I have some big-time envy of those suckers.

What is the last thing you ate?


Half a bar of frozen dark chocolate. And no, I haven't had dinner yet. This is what happens when husband works late and I only have myself to cook for. Terrible!

What is something most people don't know about you?


I can rhyme like nobody's business. 

What is your favorite vacation spot?

Paris. I can't wait to go back there with husband. Next time, in the summer!

What 5 people would be in your circle for spin the bottle (even if you're married... think of it like the "list" from friends)?

Ah, the list. Alright, you twisted my arm. 1. The hubster, of course. C'mon. He's hot! 2. Ryan Gosling 3. Josh Hartnett 4. Colin Farrell 5. Kellan Lutz

What is your "must have today" (your current obsession)?


A big, fat, Michael Kors boyfriend watch in gold. Ugh!...They kill me!! Too bad I'll probably only be able to afford one after they're considered vintage.

What is the Tiny Bit of Sparkle in your life? (person, thing, anything)

My sweet husband. He's all the sparkle I need for the rest of my life.  Him and that ridiculous ring he put on it.

*all images via The Daybook author unless otherwise noted

Friday, October 15, 2010

Pillow Talk

So yesterday I decided to stop by Cost Plus World Market to pick up a few bottles of wine because I had a gift card (from the wedding a year ago) lingering in my purse.  I always manage to find something for the home though (besides wine) and it's one of those places you forget about that really does have some awesome pieces.  This visit however, I was amazed at the cool decorative pillows they had and for AMAZING prices.  You see, I've been on a pillow search lately and I've had trouble finding anything for less than $100-150 per pillow!  That's a little out of my comfort zone so I was extremely happy to find these. 

Unfortunately, none of these really match any of my color schemes but I ended up buying that last one anyway, just because I loved it.  I don't really have anywhere to put it so it's temporarily in my husband's office.  This has made me want to buy a leather club chair for his office now so maybe this pillow is causing more damage than I thought! :)

Be sure to also check out the Faux Fur Throws (for only $59.99!) and the Provence Dining Collection (looks amazing in person, very Restoration Hardware).

Happy Friday lovelies!