Friday, October 1, 2010

A Little Under the Weather..


Hey loves!  I apologize for my brief absence yesterday.  I've been a bit under the weather due to the weirdest thing I must share with you all.  As strange as this sounds, I've been dealing with what I thought were killer bug bites the past 3 weeks.  They were so bad I could barely sleep because they were so itchy.  I've just been miserable basically for weeks so my husband finally convinced me to go to urgent care and just get them checked out.  I felt kind of stupid for going to the doctor for bugbites but nevertheless, I was ready to try anything.  Turns out, they're not bug bites!  They were hives!  I had hives for 3 weeks...craziness... nothing a large shot to the booty couldn't fix.  I was also given some medicine which leads me to the under the weather part.  One was a steroid and one was a benedryl like medicine.  I was to take 6 of the steroid and 1-2 of the benedryl one.  Oops--wasn't paying attention and took 6 of the benedryl!  Freaked out and called the pharmacist who said it wasn't toxic but it would make me extremely tired.  She was exactly right.  I was pretty much in a coma for the past day but I'm back and feeling a lot better!  Hope you all have had a great week!

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Aspiring Kennedy said...

ahh! oh no- a shot in the butt? that's hilarious, and funny. i have a shot in the butt story... but it's better explained over drinks.. and the not the comments section on blogger. i feel your pain :)