Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What 5 Things I'm Obsessed with this Week...Andy Cohen--Thanks for the Inspiration

Taking after one of my favorites, Mr. Andy Cohen, I've decided to share a few things that I'm obsessed with this week. 


I am loving these flared, Citizens of Humanity wide leg jeans.  I'm currently a bit obsessed with the seventies and am wishing I had long legs and a long torso to really work these jeans to their fullest extent.  I also wish I could pull off one of those floppy hats like Kourtney Kardashian with them...


Beyond being obsessed with my new iphone, I am totally obsessed with my new Root wood case I discovered through Sydney at The Daybook (who we all know and LOVE).  It's just perfect and gives my iphone protection + the quirky look I was seeking.


Genevieve Gorder.  I had honestly kind of forgotten about her since the days of Trading Spaces but I caught a re-run over the weekend of her show on HGTV, "Dear Genevieve" and completely fell in love with her style and design ideas.  I couldn't find pictures from the epsiode I saw, "Crash Pad to Pied-A-Terre" but try and DVR it because it was completely inspiring!  Loved the Indian accessory accents and of course ikat fabrics.


Loving my new spring lip color, Lustering from MAC.  I've decided to go the lipstick route this season and won't be turning back.  I've always been a gloss girl but have come to learn lipstick can give you some sheen while also staying on longer. 


Lastly, me and the hubs are quite obsessed with Breaking Bad.  I've always heard good things about it but we are just now getting to it on our Series List (which I'll talk more about at a later time).  It's dark, gritty, and just darn good.  Be sure to check it out.

What are you obsessed with this week???


jenna ♥ a little blue said...

i share your obsessions (except breaking bad.. never seen it)

i am also obsessed w/reading the pretty little liars series even though it's for "kids"... i love it.

cherry chapstick & pinot noir :)

Anna Elder said...

i have that wood case too! i got the bamboo one and i love love love it, but it just got too bulky. then i had a marc by marc one and it was hard to hear people and NOW i won a jonthan adler one and it's A-Mazing!! but i love the wooden one. they look so cool. glad you love your cell phone! they are so awesome. breaking bad is a show we've been wanting to check out! right now i'm obsessed with my new running shoes. i love new work out shoes!