Thursday, November 18, 2010

Midwestern Monologues: Political Compass

{Brian Kvidera}

I know it seems somewhat irrelevant now that midterm elections are over, but is anything political ever irrelevant? I hope everyone said no.

Most people identify with a specific political party, but I love THIS survey, because it looks at where you stand on a left/right issues (the economy) as well as where you rank on social issues and ranks you on the quadrant below. It also tells you where a few major political players ranked (like Hitler, Stalin, and Gandhi) so you can compare where you are.

I was surprised at my quandrant! Maybe you will be too.

Hi, I'm Cindy.  I live in Kansas City and date often (eh..)  regularly sometimes. I date. I dated a guy once that lived in the Northeast. He described Kansas City as utterly Midwestern. His description of the women here? Farm fresh and corn fed. I hate to admit it, but that sums me up in 4 words and an ampersand. Yes, yes, I am a personality girl whose verbosity and crazy antics sometimes gets the best of her. Yet, it always makes for a damn good time. (well…)  

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