Thursday, September 9, 2010

Midwestern Monologues: East LA

{Brian Kvidera}

Alas! I just returned from yet another fabulous trip to the City of Angels. I've been before and have already hit the famous hot spots, so this time I did East LA. More urban, more grimy, and way more hipster!

If you get the chance, do this:


Go to Blossom. I am a fiend for all things Vietnamese (duh!) and this is one of the best Vietnamese restaurants I've been to. It's the perfect blend of Americanized Vietnamese bistro without losing its authentic ethnic style. I had their bún. Oh! And get their Whole Young Coconut. 

Eat at Homegirl Café. It was started by Father Greg Boyle that gave gang members a second chance. Everyone who works at Homeboy Industries and Homegirl Café is an ex-gang member. You'll see the employees covered in tattoos wearing t-shirts saying "Jobs Not Jails" or "Nothing Stops a Bullet Like A Job."

Lastly, I am somewhat a theatre go see theatre! I saw an amazing play...may I dare say that it is one of my favorites of all time? It was Neighbors written by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins. A play about the American Dream and racism taken to a whole new level of audaciousness. Both uncomfortable and hilarious. I saw it at The Matrix Theatre.


Hi, I'm Cindy.  I live in Kansas City and date often (eh..)  regularlysometimes (shit). I date. I dated a guy once that lived in the Northeast. He described Kansas City as utterly Midwestern. His description of the women here? Farm fresh and corn fed. I hate to admit it, but that sums me up in 4 words and an ampersand. Yes, yes, I am a personality girl whose verbosity and crazy antics sometimes gets the best of her. Yet, it always makes for a damn good time. (well…)  

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