Friday, September 10, 2010

Oh how the Tables do Turn

Isn't it crazy the way styles really do come back to haunt us?  Some of these styles I swore I'd never dare try again but yet, here I am, coveting them, loving them.  Here's a few that are a blast from the past:


Now this is a trend I used to look back on and say, "Ewww.. What was I thinking?"  I can't believe now I'm already thinking about all of the different ways I can wear them this fall and winter.  This is even after I already bought the Target peep toe version... Hmm... am I out of my mind???

Leopard Print

{D & Y}

I seriously used to think leopard print was the sh%t bomb (and I actually used to say bomb) and then one day I was just decided it was tacky and swore it off.  I'm eating my words again.  I'm dying for a leopard print cardigan (perfect with a LBD), Tory Burch Revas, and this scarf.

Desert Boots

I remember my Mom making me wear a non heel version of these and really resented them.  I felt like a boy.  Wow, isn't it amazing what a little wedge heel can do for these puppies?  I actually blogged about them back a few months ago and I found a similar pair on Piperlime that I ordered because who knows how long I'll love them this time...

Chambray Shirts

Chambray??  Denim??  Two in the same.  This is something I make fun of my Dad constantly for wearing.  This is like his go-to piece de resistance.  I used to call him "Tim the Tool Man Taylor".  I guess that's me now!  I passed by J. Crew's display window yesterday and saw this shirt underneath a beautiful strapless floral dress and knew I had to have one.  Now I doubt I'd be daring enough to wear it under a dress but I could definitely work with the combination above.

Have fun reliving the past this season! 

What's the worst fashion trend you followed??

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